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Brasil | Drama | 2011 | 1h05m

Triste fim de Arsênio Godard


An starving, worn out by the campaign, loyal crew. A complaint, a prisoner  and a merciless commander. These are the ingredients used by João do Rio to portray  a period in the history of Rio de Janeiro known as the Brazilian Naval Revolts or "Revolta da Armada".


The navy seamen discover an informant and, through this accusation, tear the night seeking their enemies. Godard is the only captured at Guanabara bay and is immediately presented to the commander of the ship. Before the commander and unable to explain his situation to prevent his fate, he's taken to the cubicle where he'll spend the night imagining the worst perversities that'll lead to his death in the next morning. Never shown before. 65 min.

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