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Brasil | Aventura-Comédia-Drama | 2014 | 1h54m



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gardo (Eduardo Luís) e Raphael (Rickson Tevez) are kids who live in a dump-yard  and are always looking for valuables among the daily discarded scraps. One day, Raphael finds a wallet with a considerable amount of cash and shares it with his friend. However, soon after a Police Officer Frederico shows up(Selton Mello), as it so happens he's looking for that very wallet who belonged to Mayor candidate Santos(Stepan Nercessian). The boys don't reveal anything about their findings and ask for help from Rat(Gabriel Weinstein), who also lives in the dump-yard, so that they can find out what's so important about this wallet. This is when they realize that, through a key, they'll begin a real hunt treasure hunt.

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