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Brasil | Drama-Suspense | 2000 | 1h50m



Márcia (Maitê Proença) is a 38y.o. lawyer. Her husband Júlio (Roberto Bomtempo), a 40y.o. journalist, is the photography editor for a men's magazine. The couple had this unbearable will to chance everything around them, but with the birth of their daughter Guida (Ana Maria Mainieri) things have changed, now both of them are obliged to content with a seemingly normal life. Márcia and Júlio agree on liberal relationship, in which they can fulfill all their desires, but without leavening behind the essential: the family. They want to be free, but for that to happen, they need to be tolerant beforehand. The movie takes place in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and portrays the life of this local couple in the end of century. The film was selected to compete on the 24th Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo.


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