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Brasil | Drama | 2005 | 1h37m

Sal de Prata


"Sal de prata" tells the story of a big transformation in the life of CÁTIA (Maria Fernanda Cândido). In the begining of the movie. she's a successful economist, that makes her living in the financial market and is in love with VERONESE (Marcos Breda), an unsuccessful movie maker, that makes his living out an small film processing store and makes short films when he's able to.


She lives in a new, huge, apartment, with modern decor. He lives in an old, small apartment, filled with junk. And against all the odds, they've been steady together for a few years and love each other. Cátia would like to move in with Veronese, but he prefers to leave things as they are. Just as Veronese has no interest in Cátia's financial transactions, she isn't keen on relating to the movie making universe.

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