Insensato Coração


"Insensato Coração" is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and shown by Rede Globo productions at the 21 hours slot  between Janurary 17th, 2011 and August 19th, 2011, in 185 chapters, replacing "Passione" and replaced by  "Fina Estampa".


Written by: Gilberto Braga e Ricardo Linhares.

In collaboration with: Ângela Carneiro, Fernando Rebello, João Ximenes Braga, Maria Helena Nascimento, Nelson Nadotti.

Direction: Cristiano Marques, Flávia Lacerda, Maria de Médicis, Luísa Lima.

General Direction: Dennis Carvalho, Vinícius Coimbra.

Producer: Dennis Carvalho.