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Brasil | Outros | 2005 | 1h26m

Cerro de Jarau


Cerro do Jarau is mythical place locate on the borders of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, where there's a legend and lots of mysteries. Rebeca, Bento e Martim are cousins who were raised near the Cerro. Twenty years later, they reunite: Martim became a priest, Bento a failed poet e Rebeca the owner of a night club.


Rebeca decides to sell her establishment to Correntino, a famous local crook who, then, takes a bet on the artistic career of Lola, a rock singer. When Correntino doesn't pay Rebeca what he owes her, she threatens to make a complaint with the police, this prompts him to send thugs to search her apartment. In pursuit of vengeance, she flees towards Cerro do Jarau, taking with her the money from the sale and documents that prove irregularities on Correntino's operations.


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