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Cidades Invisíveis (1996 - 1998)

CittaInvisibile is an international itinerant event, organized by the Potlach Theater, from Fara Sabina - Italy, in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Culture and local cultural entities. Each year it is prepared and presented in a different city. The Tenth and Eleventh editions happened this year in Stockholm and Rome, respectively. The basic theme, since based on the works of italic Calvino, is guided by the principles of dramaturgy of space, of memory and the narrative of these spaces. We have as the main motive the reading of the space and it's relation to the history of the locale. The forgotten memory, the city that could be and never was, the city we wish it would be...


Each participant artist -actors, directors, dancers, architects, playwrights, set designers, etc. - contributes with his reading, his vision and his history, and uses his roots and reality to interact with that historic-spacial situation. The sum of these visions and interactions is what generates the spectacle to be journeyed with by the spectator, as a traveler through invisible cities.

Each artist carries - as Marco Polo did in his voyages through the east - the memories of his native Venice, and under this kaleidoscopic optic is assembled the mosaic that originates project CittaInvisibile.

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