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A Mulher de Oslo


Inspired in a short story by Eduardo Galeano, Vanessa Longoni created the show "A Mulher de Oslo", making use of several musical languages and accents. Coming from the extreme south where Brazil confuses itself with the other cultures surrounding it, such as Uruguay's and Argentina's, the show presents different mixes of sounds: Moorish in Portugal,  tango from the Balkans, and some pop songs, too.


To achieve the final result the musicians use sounds from the Indian sitar to the country guitar. Sounds from instruments so universally regional as the accordion, as well as almost forgotten songs mixed with recently discovered ones.

Sounds from all corners of the world, noises from your house's yard. Sounds from this woman who tell stories from all over. The repertoire is composed with songs by Arthur de Faria, Nico Nicolaiewsky, Cláudio Levitan, Elomar Figueira de Mello, Pedro Ayres Magalhães, Rossana Taddei, Omar Giammarco, Gorán Bregovic, André Abujamra , Dulce Pontes, Alanis Morissette, Leo Maslíah and Brazilian folkloric tunes.



Vanessa do Mundo



It was from a small fable in the "Livro dos Abraços", by the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, about a woman who told stories that Vanessa Longoni inspired herself to plan her first solo show. She asked Arthur de Faria for a repertoire and he came with about 400 different songs. From these 14 were chosen, which are now on the show and the Album "A Mulher de Oslo", released in the CIEE Theater. Since its release in 2006, the show has been multiplying audiences and awards.


It shouldn't be different with the Album, for it's one of the most fresh and vigorous produced in Brazil this year. More: Likely the best album from a female singer ever made in Rio Grande do Sul. Everything fits in it, from the most universal (and unique) possible repertoire, to the arrangements and performance of the musicians and the amazing voice of Vanessa, identified with everything, living an artistic truth not often seen. Already in the their firsts hearings the listener is transported from reality to the territory of dreams - or vice-versa. And then leaves full of energy.


From "O Pidido", country romance by Elomar Figueira, to "Pequeno Desvio na Conduta dos Reis Magos" , by Léo Masliah,  passing through the tango "Ausencia" by Goran Bregovic(Original Lyrics in Portuguese from Cape Verde), for the almost limit vibration of the klesmer dance in "Reunidos por uma noite", by Cláudio Levitan and Nico Nicolaiewsky, and for the carnival murga "Llegó Febrero", by Omar Giammarco, o album proposes solid arguments of how the world is one and that we can be happy in it. But there's more, the vira "O Ladrão", by Pedro Ayres Magalhães (by the group "Madredeus", sang in its original accent), the touching Chacarera Pies de Anahí, by Rossana Tadei, the lives and loves entangled of "Espinho na Roseira", by André Abujamra, among others. The album begins in a high note and stays up there until the eight track when it takes a breather, "Procissão" (Folklore from Maranhão), just Vanessa and the grand piano by the Uruguayan Hugo Fattoruso. From then it picks up the pace, climbs and stays there to the end. Brilliant, Arthur de Faria (piano,accordion, also the producer), Angelo Primon (guitar, viola, sitar), Clóvis Boca Freire (bass) e Diego Silveira (percussion) are in all tracks but "a cidadã", and are in the Show. The special guests are the diamonds that complete this jewel, among them Siba(rabeca), Cláudio Levitan (mandolin), Julio Rizzo (trombone), Adolfo Almeida Jr. (bassoon), Hique Gómez (violin),  Martín Sued (bandaneon) e Pablo Jivotovschii (violin), from "Orquestra Fernandes Fierro", Juarez Fonseca.

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