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A Cantora Careca


A Cantora Careca is a montage by Bebê de Porto Alegre's crew and was the big winner of "Criação Teatral Volkswagen 2003",  occasion in which competed against 503 groups from all regions of Brazil being granted 1st place in a big celebration that took place on December 3rd that same year at the "Teatro Municipal de São Paulo." The montage is light and fun, therefore, maintaining the humanity, criticism and the irony of Ionesco. Tells the story of four actors and a director that gather in an unpredictable journey, to show the relationships between two couples, a maid and a fireman, through the absurd optic of the playwright. As in a big competition the actor make use of their techniques and abilities to entertain, surprise and charm the audience, finding ways to stage the absurd situations of an hilarious afternoon in the outskirts of London.

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