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A musical-poetic vision on the work of García Lorca. The most important activity in the life of Federico Garcia Lorca, after literature, was music. In 1931, he arranged several spanish popular songs to the piano, which were edited into gramophone discs and reached, with this version, a tremendous popularity. These songs were interpreted by the spanish flamenco dancer and singer "La Argentinita", accompanied by Lorca himself on the piano.


The Spectacle:


LORQUIANAS takes an ample journey around the poetic and literary work of Garcia Lorca, presenting it through music, recited poems e choreographies. The select texts were the most representative of the diverse stages of production by the poet – since his first works as “Poema del Cante Jondo” (1921), “Primeras Canciones” (1922), “Romancero Gitano” (1924-27) to his last publishings like “Poeta em Nueva York “ (1929-30) e “Divándel Tamarit” (1933). The songs are interpreted by Vanessa Longoni and Simone Rasslan, who also plays the piano and is responsible by the arrangements and musical direction. Throughout the spectacle, the flamenco dancer Sílvia Canarim, interprets different choreographies and, in a few cases, plays a part in the music and recited poems. LORQUIANAS is sewed together by the reciting of the poems that drive the spectator in this poetic and musical journey. The passages were selected and are recited by the Denise Simas Baptistas, Professor of Spanish language and culture.

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